Dell users; Qantas says No!

“I see you have a Dell laptop, sir. A fine choice.
Would you please follow me behind this little screen,
oh, the surgical gloves? They’re nothing really…”

So, Qantas have been smart and have put a directive into place to stop it’s passengers and crew from turning into a big lithium-ion fireball mid-flight.

If you are carrying a laptop, it will be checked to see if it is a Dell. If it is. You can still use it, but, either battery only or battery out and connected to the mains. Never battery & mains at the same time.

Bearing in mind that Qantas’ first policy on defective Dell’s were to take the battery out and tape up the contacts, this is rather leniant.
But, to be honest, if you know that your battery is affected and is part of the recalled batches, why the hell are you still using it anyway? And you also want to use it on a plane? Do you not fear for your life?



  1. Who the hell implements this??

    I credit them for their free thinking but it still avoids the possibility that:

    a) the person didn’t really understand what they were told and does it anyway

    b) the person WANTS to cause an explosion

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