Dedicated to Steve

Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter, has been killed in an encounter with a Stingray off the coast of Queensland, Australia whilst filming a documentary. News reports say he was stung either through his heart or through the left side of his chest causing heart failure.

Irwin is survived by his wife and colleague, Terri and their two young children, Bindi, 8 and Robert (Bob), 3.

More than just an outlandish stuntman, Steve was a true environmentalist and wildlife conservationist. Ever an ambassador for Australia, the Australian Tourism Export Council says the industry is in a state of shock.

Steve, you will be sorely missed, not just for the entertainment you provided, but also the enlightenment you gave to many thousands of people.


  1. Sorry to hear about steve he will be greatly missed

    he was a hero of mine and always will be

    I found his work very educational

    i will miss him very much

    I hope that the wishes and messages you receive will get you through this sad time
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all


  2. Hi Nate

    Off-topic comment I’m afraid, but I can’t seem to get your email address to work.

    Just wanted to say how good it is to discover another active Cardiff-based blog (most of them seem to be dormant or extinct). And a fellow Smiths fan too.

    My site Silent Words Speak Loudest has been Cardiff-based since the beginning of February (before that it was Nottingham and Birmingham). Trying to post quite a bit about different aspects of the city, even though this does mainly boil down to local gig reviews…

    Anyway, pay me a visit if you fancy. I’m sticking a link to Hint Of Sarcasm up on the site – but please don’t feel you have to reciprocate.


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