Little people

An artist, known only as Slinkachu, is running a ‘tiny street art’ project in London right now.
You may have seen it mentioned in todays Metro newspaper.
In his own words, they are “Little hand-painted people, left in London to fend for themselves.”.
In a variety of different locations, designed to emulate real-people situations (and some not-so real situations).

One of my favourites is Waiting for the lift, which replicates a real lift, which by the look of it is one that exists on the London underground at Canary Wharf station.

And here is it’s real life counterpart.
As you can see, the tiny person and the little lift is next to the real lift, right at the bottom of the picture (you may need to zoom in).

Another of my favourites is West end phone box

This dirty little man is contemplating the call-girl who is apparently ‘Best in the model village’. Quite hilarious.

Check out Slinkachu’s blog, where you can find many more scenarios at Little People – a tiny street project.


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