Google buys Youtube

So, our free ride is almost over.
Spend as long as you can watching all of your favourite videos on Youtube as I’m sure that they will soon all be gone, replaced by the videos that are allowed to be uploaded by the record, movie and television companies.

No longer will be you be able to dance in front of a webcam singing to a song looking like a moron and ‘Broadcast yourself’, as is the initiative that they have been pushing since May 2005.

It is fair enough, however, as the site and its creators must have been losing an absolute bundle every month in bandwith costs. 100million video views every day must cost a pretty penny, even at the relatively low resolutions that they are displayed.
In the Flash format that they use, the size of the file is approx 1mb per minute.

If we do a little maths, assuming that each of the 100million videos are 4 minutes in length (about average for a music video).

4mb x 100,000,000 = 400,000,000mb daily.
400,000,000mb = 400,000gb
Bear in mind that this is assuming each video is 4 minutes long. Youtube allows a maximum play time of 10 minutes, so it could vary.

400,000gb of transfer is a lot and can cost a lot if you don’t negotiate a good deal with your bandwith provider.
Needless to say, I don’t think any ‘unmetered’ provider would ever take them on, they would most likely have to have their own datacentre and supply themselves with leased lines, etc. A costly exercise, which up until now has been funded mostly by Google Adwords (which don’t actually pay that much).

The copyright implications are vast and quite what Google has let themselves in for will be seen over the coming months, but it’s certainly going to be an interesting time for Youtube, Google & their users.

Watch this space..


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