Church dropped like an anchor

Another case of BBC Wales being a PR puppy for Charlie Church has raised its head.

In their article Church puts music career on hold, at no point do they mention the fact that the reason she is putting her music career ‘on hold’ is because Sony BMG, the record company she has been with since she was 12 years old, has decided to drop her.

The 20-year-old has said she wants to concentrate on her television career after Channel 4 commissioned two more series of her show.

Hello? Earth to public service broadcasting?
Sony BMG decided not to renew Charlotte’s contract after flagging sales of her 5th album, Tissues and Issues.
The South Wales Echo� has even gone� as far as to claim that she decided not to renew her contract with them. Which is just total poppycock, if the press releases from Sony BMG are to be believed.

After that god awful first single, Crazy Chick, did she even release any more singles?
Apparently she did…

According to Dotmusic, “Even God Can’t Change The Past” and “Moodswings (To Come At Me Like That)” unsurprisingly failed to crack the UK top 20.

Here in South Wales we are resided to the fact that our two main sources of news, the Trinity Mirror Group (publisher of the South Wales Echo) and BBC Wales are both of the opinion that any news about local girl Charlotte is good news.

They’ll publish anything and everything, as long as it’s not too derogatory. After all, we wouldn’t want the good people of South Wales to think that one of our own has gone bad now, would we?

Here are just some of the headlines we have been subject to over the past 6 years.
Singer Church may hire bodyguard
Church remembers Irish roots
Church hits wrong note with planners
Charlotte ‘can’t be bothered to diet’
‘Lotte leg on show!
Charlotte’s parents sell share in pub

If I wanted to know about every darn thing going on in Little Miss Angst’s life, I would join her fanclub, or read ‘Closer’ or ‘Now’ or ‘Heat’. But I don’t. So why do the� newsfeeds of Wales� have to be so polluted by her?

I mean, fuck, BBC Wales only afforded 79 words on the death of� 19-year-old� Michael Evans� who was killed after being punched in the face in the middle of Cardiff city centre last week. His only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when some drunk chav fucks decided they wanted to fight somebody, anybody.
But they manage double that, 190 words, and a feature� on the front page of Wales� news� on the fact that Charlie C has decided to stop singing for a while.

I am of the opinion that the state of journalism in Wales at the moment is shambolic.
Somebody needs to shake up both of these publications and instill in their newsroom staff an understanding that the people of Wales aren’t all a bunch of un-educated hicks who only� want to read� about the minor celebrities that have hailed from here.

Gadgets for christmas

I’ve just had the new catalogue through the post this morning and my-oh-my are there some goodies in there this year.

You thought the USB rocket launcher was good? Well just wait until you feast your eyes on the USB Cannon!

USB Cannon

I think that with both of these setup in the office, we could start some kind of inter-office foam dart war. Fun! This is definitely on my christmas list.

Next, the Penny Pusher.

Penny Pusher
Remember going to the seaside, into those dark dank amusement arcades which were so loud that to stay in there for longer than 10 minutes would cause irreparable damage to your hearing?
Well, now you can bring a quieter version to your desk.
Everyone loved the Penny Pushers. Pop in a 1p or 2p, watch it fall down and hope to god it fell flat so that it would push some money out of the machine! Hours of fun.

Next on the list is more for pre-christmas fun that as a christmas present as such, the USB Christmas party pack is great for the office. I bought one last week and put up the lights this morning. Unfortunately due to recent company directives put in place for decorations, I cannot hang them around my monitor, but I’ve found a place that is just as good.

USB fairy lights
The partition behind my monitor, plus some sticky tape = great christmas décor.
I think they compliment my usb rocket launcher greatly.

Seinfeld star loses his mind

kramer.gifIn a bad day for comedy, Michael Richards was heckled past the point of no return.
On Friday night after receiving what was said to be almost constant distractions from one particular group of African-Americans at the Laugh Factory in California, Richards, better known as Kramer from the hit 90’s sitcom ‘Seinfeld’, totally flipped out and launched into a racial tirade against the involved parties.

Naturally, it wasn’t long before a video of the incident surfaced on the web, sent to celebrity gossip website,


Facing up to his wrong-doing, he appeared, Live via satellite on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night (20/11/06), his former castmate, Jerry Seinfeld was appearing that night, apparently Seinfeld had spoken to Richards and invited him to give a public apology and to speak about the incident.


Of course, the way he acted was totally inappropriate but at the same time I do believe that he isn’t a racist and was simply wound up so tightly by these hecklers that he totally lost his head and in the heat of the moment just completely lost his mind.
He is most certainly showing remorse in the interview with Letterman. Let us just hope, for his sake, that it is real remorse.