Seinfeld star loses his mind

kramer.gifIn a bad day for comedy, Michael Richards was heckled past the point of no return.
On Friday night after receiving what was said to be almost constant distractions from one particular group of African-Americans at the Laugh Factory in California, Richards, better known as Kramer from the hit 90’s sitcom ‘Seinfeld’, totally flipped out and launched into a racial tirade against the involved parties.

Naturally, it wasn’t long before a video of the incident surfaced on the web, sent to celebrity gossip website,


Facing up to his wrong-doing, he appeared, Live via satellite on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday night (20/11/06), his former castmate, Jerry Seinfeld was appearing that night, apparently Seinfeld had spoken to Richards and invited him to give a public apology and to speak about the incident.


Of course, the way he acted was totally inappropriate but at the same time I do believe that he isn’t a racist and was simply wound up so tightly by these hecklers that he totally lost his head and in the heat of the moment just completely lost his mind.
He is most certainly showing remorse in the interview with Letterman. Let us just hope, for his sake, that it is real remorse.


  1. He put it down to a “moment of madness” – that doesn’t seem to wash with me.

    The fact that he continued to insult the audience without remorse proves that he has no feeling towards other people.

    He’s a racist in my view, I only hope he apologises truthfully to the men in question

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