Gadgets for christmas

I’ve just had the new catalogue through the post this morning and my-oh-my are there some goodies in there this year.

You thought the USB rocket launcher was good? Well just wait until you feast your eyes on the USB Cannon!

USB Cannon

I think that with both of these setup in the office, we could start some kind of inter-office foam dart war. Fun! This is definitely on my christmas list.

Next, the Penny Pusher.

Penny Pusher
Remember going to the seaside, into those dark dank amusement arcades which were so loud that to stay in there for longer than 10 minutes would cause irreparable damage to your hearing?
Well, now you can bring a quieter version to your desk.
Everyone loved the Penny Pushers. Pop in a 1p or 2p, watch it fall down and hope to god it fell flat so that it would push some money out of the machine! Hours of fun.

Next on the list is more for pre-christmas fun that as a christmas present as such, the USB Christmas party pack is great for the office. I bought one last week and put up the lights this morning. Unfortunately due to recent company directives put in place for decorations, I cannot hang them around my monitor, but I’ve found a place that is just as good.

USB fairy lights
The partition behind my monitor, plus some sticky tape = great christmas décor.
I think they compliment my usb rocket launcher greatly.

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