Restaurant apartheid

If I put up a sign in my theoretical restaurant window which said “British diners only”, would I get away with it?

With the focus of the entire country on racism this week, thanks to a certain pug-ugly degenerate, a hostel in Cardiff has hit the news for having a “Foreign passport holders only” policy.
Is this legal?

According to the Comission for Racial Equality, it isn’t.

In my imaginary restaurant with my sign, it hasn’t been up for more than 2 hours before a complaint is made and a horde of police are outside with a battering ram preparing to smash the door through.

The reasoning behind the Cardiff Backpacker having a ‘No British guests’ policy is equally as racist as the sign.
Apparently, it is to make the stay as pleasant for foreign travellers as possible. Guests from these native isles are too unruly, according to the owner, Sion Llewelyn.
The only difference here, is that the hostel is discriminating against the prodominant race of this country, which is where people tend to be less reserved.

Back to my dreamworld, I’m stood in my restaurant, the gang of Bobbies that just put four of my windows through want an explaination as to why I have that sign in my window, I give the explaination that ‘Foreigners always run after paying’. I’m in trouble. I’ve just stereotyped 6 billion people.

This is what Mr Llewlyn, the Cardiff Backpacker and the majority of racists have concluded when they made their policies or beliefs, that every single person in a particular race have similar traits, and this is what racism is based on, no matter if it is racism of blacks, whites, Chinese, Mexicans or the French. It’s textbook closed-mindedness and ignorance which should not be tolerated.

Yes, racism is the story of the week, just like out of control dogs were the week before and no doubt there will be something next week, but this one goes far deeper and back further and does not ever seem to end.


  1. Love it! i agree! Can’t fault u Mr C ppl r normally 2scared to speak there mind bout this subject, good on u m8!!!!

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