Berman in the firing line, again

The full text of this article was retracted on February 5th 2007.
Please read the retraction notes for more information

CPZ LeafletCan we go three days without somebody calling for Rodney Berman to resign please? It’s getting boring.

Neil McEvoy, an unsuccessful Plaid Cymru candidate for various offices, isn’t happy with the fact that Cardiff County Council is attempting to keep its residents informed about a proposed ‘Controlled Parking Zone‘ scheme.

Mr McEvoy wants the head of Rodney Berman, council leader, on a stick for pushing leaflets through doors that give information on the proposed changes which are going to a referendum on Friday.

According to the BBC, Mr McEvoy said: “It is appalling that the Lib Dem Cardiff Council leader is scurrying around Canton with his activists, dropping anonymous leaflets through people’s letter boxes”.

It seems as though Neil would prefer the residents of Canton to just vote against the council rather than know exactly what they are voting against, which obviously is extremely non-constructive. I can only guess that Mr McEvoy is doing anything that he can to get himself some press-time before the Assembly elections in May.

The leaflet in question is freely available from the Cardiff Council website in PDF format, and from what I can see, bar any subliminal messages that I may have missed, the literature is simply a fact-giving material, so quite what McEvoy is trying to get at is quite beyond me.

Former one-term Councillor McEvoy hasn’t done so well in his endeavours to get into public office of late, after losing his council seat in the 2004 local elections, he came just 4th in the race for the Cardiff West seat at the general election in 2005.
Switching his efforts to Assembly candidacy for 2007, no doubt he is hoping to do better this time around, but with his latest aggrievement being petty and grossly overstated, I sincerely doubt he will be gracing the chamber of the Senedd any time soon.


  1. Your blog misrepresents Plaid’s and also my attitude to the CPZ referendum. Despite you being emailed with the facts, you have not inserted any correction. For the record, the anonymous leaflet distributed by Rodney Berman and the Fib Dems is not the one you list. The leaflet that we objected to was nothing more than a vile smear and a distortion of the facts on the CPZ. The leaflet in question accused the Canton residents’ campaign of telling lies. These tactics of the sewer were refuted by 92.5% of the people voting. Despite the not so democratic liberals attempt to prevent people voting, the turnout in 5 hours, with no postals or proxies was higher than the poll that won Cllr Berman his seat in 2004.

    In terms of endeavour, Plaid achieved a record vote in 2005. We were also 2nd in Cardiff West in the 2004 Council elections. With the Fib Dem vote in freefall in the constituency, I look forward to another record result in May.

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