Youtube users to get share in profits

Talking to the BBC, Youtube founder Chad Hurley has confirmed that a scheme will be rolled out in the next couple of months that will “reward creativity”.

Youtube are clearly using this to give users an incentive to make their own videos and not to upload copyrighted material.

The money will come from the advertisements which are displayed when a video is viewed on the website, this is another system which the Youtube team are working to re-vamp, more than likely taking away the banner ad system which currently graces each page to be replaced by rolling advertisements before or after the video.

Revver, an alternative to Youtube, has already started a revenue-sharing system like the one proposed by Youtube, but it’s user-base is nowhere near as large as it’s rival and thus the impact has been limited.

So, does this mean that my videos could start making me money enough money to quit my job and become a full-time Youtuber?
Well, no, and not just because my videos are awful, but because the amounts that the user will actually receive are likely to be very low, even less than 1/4 of a penny per view would generous.

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