It has recently come to my attention that I may have given misleading information in my post “Berman in the firing line again” (24/01/07).

In light of this new information I would like to make a full retration of said article and apologise to Neil McEvoy of Plaid Cymru.

CPZ LeafletsThe leaflet that I assumed was being distributed by Rodney Berman and the Liberal Democrats was in fact not the same. The literature that was being delivered is pictured to the right and is clearly anonymous, as was originally stated by Mr McEvoy.

A referendum on the Controlled Parking Zone in Canton, Cardiff, was held on Friday 26th of January and residents voted overwhelming not to instate it in it’s current form.


  1. Fair play Nate.

    You got spun, you got called and you’ve retracted. Can’t criticise you for that.

    Do you think the person who spun this fib to you knew themselves that it was untrue?

  2. I didn’t get spun. I made a very big assumption that I knew I was making when I originally penned the post.
    I had a feeling it would come back to bite me in the ass, but still I posted. Totally my fault, guessing that the leaflet on Cardiff CC website was the one that was being distributed.

  3. Thank you for clarifying Nate. The leaflet we complained about being distributed by the Fib Dems was offensive to many people and indeed anonymous. Gutter politics as we initially said.

    Best wishes,

    Neil McEvoy, Plaid Cymru

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