Welsh Labour down and out?

Why is it that the Welsh Labour party, in the run up to the Assembly elections on May 3rd are running such a negative campaign?

Any of the literature that I have seen dropped through the door or handed out in the street has been about how ‘if you vote for any of the other parties or independents, then you’re letting the Conservatives in through the back door, vote Labour so you don’t get the Conservative party’.

Well, that’s a profound reason. We want to let Rhodri Morgan and his bunch of do-nothing cronies continue to do barely anything for this country, just because…?

I can name three things that the Welsh Assembly government has done since it came into power, 7 years ago, none of them affect me though;

Free bus passes [but I’m not a senior citizen]
Free prescriptions [I’m rarely ill]
Smoking ban [this would have happened anyway, Assembly or not]

Even their 2007 campaign website doesn’t list much more than these as their acheivements over the past term, except for spurious claims such as “record spending on education” and “a huge increase in investment in health”.

First Minister Rhodri Morgan resided to loss a long time ago, announcing that if his party does badly in the polls, he will resign. This surely isn’t the mantra of a fighter, a leader, someone in control of his destiny or sure of his previous achievements.

All the other parties have latched onto this perception too, never before have I seen so much literature piled through my letterbox and this is simply because Plaid, the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives, Independents and even UKIP know that there are potentially huge gains to be made with the greatest of ease.

I have a feeling that Wales will have a new, possibly coalition government come the day after polling, and for the better it will be too. Wales needs to be represented from within its own borders, but not in the way that it is now;
A small country with a small political voice.
We need to be a small country with a National Assembly that acts as a megaphone.


  1. Time for independence! If Ireland can do it so can we. Scotland is heading that way anyway; give them 5 years; us, probably 15. Cymru am byth!

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