Getting away from it

I write this from International departures, Terminal 1, Heathrow Airport, London. Late passengers are being called, but I’m just relaxing with a hot Latte from Starbucks, I have over two hours until my flight boards.

The train was delayed, which would have jeopardised my plans had I not given myself 6 hours between leaving Cardiff and take-off time.

Maneouvering my huge luggage case through Paddington station to the Heathrow Express platform was a trip in itself, weaving in and out of the London commuters, trying not to scoop any of them up in the process.

Security at “the world’s busiest airport” was surprising easily passed through, although I’m still not a fan of the ‘remove your shoes’ policy, at least I was allowed to take two bags through and into the cabin with me, and my laptop was allowed to stay in my bag, it’s such a palava taking it out and putting in those trays.

My destination? I’m keeping it a secret for now.
I’m using it as time to get away from life and shall be traveling alone. Perhaps I’ll let you know when I arrive there, later this evening.


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