It’s grim up North

A few of you have messaged me asking where the shots of the Northern Lights are, after-all, this was the entire purpose of my trek to Iceland.

Unfortunately, during my visit the country was experiencing its worst snow in eight years* which created sufficient cloud cover for the trip to be called off.

So, I arrive back wonderless. Am I disappointed? Mildly. But, it was made up for by a great night out in Reykjavik on Saturday night, where I found out first hand that it really is as trendy as I heard it was, think Greenwich Village but smaller and of course colder.

This of course gives steam to my plan to visit Canada, where aurora borealis is of course widely visible in the Northern territories like Yukon and Manitoba.

*According to a local taxi driver, the capital Reykjavik usually has some snow but it rarely sticks, not often do they have this much.

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