Unfortunate ad placement

Over her dead bodyWhen robots are given the job of choosing advertisements, unfortunate placement is one of the risks.

On the right you can see one example, found on icWales.co.uk, a Trinity Mirror group website, that in the age of keyword based selection, things can sometimes go wrong and insensitive or inappropriate advertising can be displayed, something which would rarely happen in a newspaper or on television, where advertisements are placed manually by humans.

One way to counter this would be to use blacklists, as well as a keyword list. A list of words which, if found on the page, should prevent the advertisement from being served, instead, moving to the next in line. For most, this would be a very simple piece of code to implement and would do wonders for the credibility of the advertiser.

Google adwords already has this capability and would imagine that Yahoo!’s answer to the Google service, Yahoo SM (Search Marketing) would employ a similar facility.
However, it seems that Trinity Mirror control their own advertising using scripts and pulling banners from DoubleClick. Perhaps this is a feature they should look at building into their back-end?


  1. Hey there, I followed a link here from Fink’s blog. I must say, I love your template.

    I posted a similar entry on my blog a long time ago when I caught an unfortunate random advertisment. I screenshotted it here.

    I have subscribed to your RSS feed, so no doubt you’ll be hearing more from me.

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