The Waiter – unmasked

Since September 2004 he has been blogging and since October 2004 I have been reading.

I never miss a post and get kind of excited when my Google Reader has a number other than (0) next to his feed.

I recommend the site to all of my friends and my habits in restaurants have morphed, undeniably because of him. Now whenever I eat out I tip 20% minimum. Some call me crazy, but after being let into the world of the service industry, it makes a lot of sense to look after your server, especially if you intend to be a repeat customer.

The blogger that I am talking about is of course The Waiter, of Waiter Rant fame.
His style of writing is unlike any other blog that I have ever read. Others have tried to imitate, but none have succeed in winning over the hearts and minds of the dining public quite like ‘The Waiter’.

It will be odd knowing him as ‘Steve Dublanica‘ and also having seen his picture, but as long as his writing style doesn’t change, I will continue to be an avid reader.

His unmasking comes now that his first book, ‘Waiter Rant. Thanks for the tip – Confessions of a cynical waiter‘ (or Waiter Rant – Behind the scene of eating out, as it is known here in the UK) is released in the US.

I got my copy today, a full 8 days before the official release date in Britain, the 7th of August.
I pre-ordered from Waterstones a few weeks ago and was surprised to receive an email this week telling me that it was available to pick up from the store. Obviously a boo-boo made somewhere, but, I am the proud owner of this paperback wonder.