Stop being so Sully!

I’m tired of complaining about the farce that gets published in the South Wales Echo, so, we’ll just have a laugh at this one, because seriously, is this a real campaign? Plus, the part that is comical appears to be a quote, rather than something that their crackpot pseudo-journalists have cooked up, for once.

Residents in a South Wales village say their peace has now been shattered by delivery lorries.

A Tesco One Stop shop opened a year ago on Sully’s South Road bringing, claim its neighbours:

An increase in shoppers seeking bargains …

Oh no! An army of David Dickinson wannabees! This is all that the area needs after the nearby cannabis factory was closed down.

No more comments behind my back

After probably six months or so of being out of action, I finally decided to take a look at the bug that was causing comments on Hintofsarcasm not to work.

I realised that I made a decision some time ago to change the name of the comment post script, wp-comments-post.php to something that the spam-bots could not get their hands on so easily and install a captcha.

When I removed this captcha system in favour of a hash based JS plugin I completely forgot that I had set all requests for wp-comments-post.php to redirect to Google, so, after deleting the file and re-uploading it a couple of times, checking out the database and the form I finally got a lightbulb above my head and remembered the redirect. Duh.

So, you can all go ahead and start commenting again. That means you, Dan.

ps. is making a comeback.

A slow news day at the South Wales Echo

Evidently there isn’t too much going on in Cardiff and the surrounding areas at the moment judging by the choice of stories published today by the Trinity Mirror owned rag.

Pin-up Abi may be eyeing up a Welsh property

FORMER pin-up Abi Titmuss has revealed she may buy property in South Wales.

Speaking at a book signing in Cardiff last night, the 32-year-old former girlfriend of ex-This Morning presenter John Leslie, told of her love for the Welsh capital.

Her only previous visit to the capital was a celebrity appearance at a nightclub.

The ex-glamour model said: “It’s really nice to see it in the daytime and I’m going to have a look round the Bay later.

“I’ve got family in Bristol so you never know, one day maybe I would like to have a place here. It’s beautiful.�

Pin-up Abi may be eyeing up a Welsh property (WalesOnline)

So, not only are we supposed to be excited because it’s some woman who is only famous because she released a sex tape of her and a boring morning television presenter, but also to believe that, in her own words “you never know, one day maybe I would like to have a place here”, her move is a certainty.

Hell, you never know, one day maybe I would like to own a Ferrari. I wonder if I sent them that quote they would publish an article about me?

I particularly like the line “Speaking at a book signing … (she) told of her love for the Welsh capital”, quickly followed by “Her only previous visit to the capital was … at a nightclub” and “It’s really nice to see it in the daytime”.

Wow, what undying devotion she must have to our little town, on her second visit.