No more comments behind my back

After probably six months or so of being out of action, I finally decided to take a look at the bug that was causing comments on Hintofsarcasm not to work.

I realised that I made a decision some time ago to change the name of the comment post script, wp-comments-post.php to something that the spam-bots could not get their hands on so easily and install a captcha.

When I removed this captcha system in favour of a hash based JS plugin I completely forgot that I had set all requests for wp-comments-post.php to redirect to Google, so, after deleting the file and re-uploading it a couple of times, checking out the database and the form I finally got a lightbulb above my head and remembered the redirect. Duh.

So, you can all go ahead and start commenting again. That means you, Dan.

ps. is making a comeback.


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