Windows Cloud @ Technologies to change your business

Steve Ballmer

I travelled across to London yesterday to attend the Microsoft Technet event, ‘Technologies to change your business’, the keynote speaker was Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO.

He came on stage at around 13:15 and proceeded to do his usual thing, he’s a great public speaker and very knowledgeable about the company that he is running and what they are doing now and what is coming from them in the future. He must have to read hundreds of updates daily from the R&D labs just to keep up with it all.

During the proceedings, between talking about virtualisation and Windows Mobile he mentioned something, for what I think was the first time, about a new operating system that was going to be announced in 4 weeks, which is going to be called Microsoft Windows Cloud, or as he put it, ‘something better than that’ by the time the announcement comes out.

Tied with the announcement today of Amazon’s intent to run Windows Server on their EC2 service it looks like Microsoft may be entering the supercomputer OS market for the first time, is this where ‘Windows Cloud’ comes in? This was all brought up in the Q&A including the the need to have datacentres across the globe if the service really did take off, Steve B did say that partners would need to be sought to provide the datacentres as Microsoft building and running them all would not be viable, which is probably true.

We wait to here further information about ‘Windows Cloud’, I’m just glad that I was there, in the second row, to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.


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