The web’s best kept secret

With Christmas coming up and the recession well and truly moved in for the holidays I felt that I should let my readers know about a great untapped resource that for some reason seems to be a big secret.

I haven’t seen them advertise, they don’t have banner ads and neither do they link on price comparison sites, but I always find that the Book Depository manages to undercut everybody else on the internet for prices on books and delivery is free too (worldwide).

Let us compare like for like:
Life of Pi – ISBN10: 184195392X
Amazon Price: £4.99 – Delivery: £2.75 – Total: £7.74
Book Depository Price: £6.40 – Delivery: £0.00 – Total: £6.40

In the two years that I have been using them my orders always come the very next day and the books are brand new (not used like from Amazon Marketplace). Great for christmas presents.

This message has not been paid for by the Book Depository. I just think that it is a great unknown website.


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