Fry stuck in lift, spawns 2,000 tweets

As I am writing this, actor, presenter, geek, conservationist and comedian extraordinaire Stephen Fry is stuck in a lift in London’s Centre Point. How do I know this? Well, he sent me a picture of course.

Stephen Fry stuck in a lift

That he sent this very same picture to 107,923 other people is neither here nor there.

This image was distributed by Stephen Fry using his iPhone and Twitter.

I have been following Stephen Fry using Twitter for around 4 months now, since he started in October.

By January he had 50,000 followers. Since he mentioned Twitter on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on January 23rd of this year the number of subscribers to his tweets has more than doubled, now standing at the figure quoted above and rising by literally thousands every day. It seems that Mr Fry has kicked off a tweeting craze here in the UK. People who did not know the difference between a retweet and a twat last week now have accounts and are posting their every move.

Stephen Fry being stuck in a lift for 30 minutes has, at the last count,  spawned over 2,100 tweets tagged @stephenfry, #frylift or similar. Twitter brings celebrity closer than ever before and Fry is working it very well. He almost seems like a real friend of mine. He posts where he is going, what he is doing, how he is feeling, what he is eating, all in under 140 characters.

The other morning I opened up Twibble (the Twitter application I use for my Nokia N95) and immediately knew that Stephen was out for a walk because he felt that he had eaten too much cheese the previous night, further proof to the fact that Twitter is bringing us closer to our idols than we have ever been.

Other Twitterers include Jonathan Ross, John Cleese and newbie Russell Brand.

How long will it last though? I have been tweeting for over a year now and have a few followers, perhaps now will be my time too? One can only hope.

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Update: Stephen and his new lift friends were released at 23:33. 35 minutes after becoming stranded and causing an internet storm.


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