Microsoft Virtual Earth: Big Update.

MS has updated Virtual Earth, their equivalent of Google Maps, with new satellite and birds eye imagery for the first time this year, and it’s a big one, ~100tb in fact. The new views of Paris, France, are a treat for the eye. They are very sharp, of excellent quality and the obviously taken on a bright sunny day.

Palais Du Luxembourg, Paris

This update also sees the first incorporation of satellite views from DigitalGlobe since Microsoft agreed a license with them in October last year. DigitalGlobe have had a partnership to provide Google with their mapping imagery for many years.

Of all of the mapping tools available, MapQuest (which doesn’t cover the UK so well), Multimap, Google Maps, Streetmap (UK centric), I find that Microsoft Virtual Earth, even though it is not the most widely known, is my personal favourite.

Reasons for this include my love of the ‘birds eye’ view,  images for which are taken from an airplane specially equipped with cameras and the ease of integration with the .NET framework.

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