Fab Mash?

Fab Mash signShopfitting began at the beginning of this year on the site of the former Roadhouse takeaway on Caroline Street that was closed down last August due to rent arrears. Initially I was not very interested to know what it was going to be, as it would likely be another fish & chip shop, however, a sign went up last Friday that has made me wonder if I’m wrong.

Fab Mash? Sounds like a great idea to me. I love mashed potato! If it is what I hope it is and they get the combinations right, eg. a selection of different gravies and sausages (perhaps even cheesy mash and pies?) I’m sure this could be one business venture that would take off, especially being sited where it is.

Since Wok to Walk took off with phenomenal success last year I no longer doubt that Cardiff is afraid to try new things and ‘Fab Mash’ could do very well. I live right next door, so, if they let me know when it is I’ll be there on opening day without a doubt!

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Update 19/02/2009 @ 13:00 -

The paper has come off the windows and the door is open. Looks great inside. I popped my head in and asked if they were open, but no joy. They are opening next week. Staff training today?

Fab Mash storefront

Update 20/02/2009 @ 14:30 -

I have been contacted by Fab Mash! They have set up a Twitter ID and inform me that they are opening on March 1st.


  1. Hey, have been lucky enough to try out some of the menu and I can tell you it suits its name… it really is FAB! A different selection of mash (would recommend the cheesy and especially the breakfast (gammon chunks) or spicy mash), gravy, mushy peas, selection of sausage, faggots and pies (excellent quality – and stay hot forever), good homely food at a great price! Ooohhh nearly forgot, the veggie lentil option they have is also really, really good! Can you tell I’m a fan? I can tell myself its ok to have take away more often as its healthy….well alot more than chips or pizza… isn’t it?!?!

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