We’re all criminals


This is Filesharer.org, launched in protest of the Pirate Bay trial by the Norwegian political party Rødt(Red), it allows visitors to upload a photo of themselves to be displayed on the website, outing themselves as filesharers and thus criminals, making the point that these so-called criminals are normal everyday people.

Starting a war against the Pirate Bay is probably the most stupid course of action to have been taken yet by the recording and motion picture industry. The website has already once been attempted to be taken down but Swedish law has prevented this, why try again when the law hasn’t changed?

Closing down this one particular website, albeit one of the most popular, will not show any significant decrease in the number of files being downloaded using the BitTorrent protocol. With other large directories, such as Mininova or BtMon still to be disposed of (this Pirate Bay trial has taken 2 years to come to court) it will be a long time before BitTorrent sites are gone. And if they do all miraculously disappear, they will just go underground.

Digital files can be copied and transferred an infinite number of times, so as long as they exist, someone will engineer a way to continue this chain of copying and transferring.

If there were an infinite stockpile of food somewhere which we all knew existed but were being told ‘There is no way to get to it’, somebody would spend night and day trying to find a way. When you consider the sheer number of people that have share this interest, it is inevitable that they would succeed. The same theory would apply to file sharing.

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