An open letter to Morrissey

Dear Morrissey,

Thank you for all the joy that you have brought to me and countless others over the past 26 years. Can you believe it has been so long? I can’t.
I’m very worried about you at the moment, Steven. You seem to be pushing yourself to do things that you do not want to do, primarily performing on a stage.
Correct me if I am mistaken, but you are clearly not enjoying it right now. You need to take a break.
If you were to retire we would not blame you, we have so many fond memories to look back on, you can only damage your reputation from here on. Please don’t push yourself so far that you become branded a hack, only continuing for the sake of the record companies wishes.

Remember Wolverhampton ’88? The fans queued for days and you let them in for free, as long as they wore one of your t shirts. You enjoyed that gig.
Remember Finsbury Park ’92? Yes, it was controversial but you fought them off and won. You enjoyed that gig too.

Can you remember the last gig that YOU enjoyed? Of course, we enjoy every single one, but I’m asking you the question. When did you last turn up to a venue and really relish the fact that you were going on stage? Albert Hall ’03 possibly, during your hiatus?

I say this in kindness and sadness, you need to take some time off. Kick back, relax, perhaps even go back to your old haunts in L.A? Hang out with Nancy [Sinatra]. Do whatever you have to do to enjoy it again, because if you don’t it will consume you and it will all be over.

Best Wishes,

Nathan L Collins.