Free B interview

A few weeks ago I started a Facebook group to campaign against the Free B bus, a service which runs every 10 minutes in Cardiff to provide a link between bus stops, created after the idea recreating the central bus station was scrapped.
With the city centre only being probably just over a mile in diameter, this means the bus is most often completely empty. Also, with city traffic and the route the bus takes it is often quicker to walk between stops.

I was interviewed yesterday by a student film crew for the University of Glamorgan about the campaign. You can see it below.

Excuse my hair and my bumbling idiocy. I need it cut and I will also need to prepare next time too. It was literally flung at me 30 minutes before. I have also never been interviewed on camera before, so I didn’t really know where I supposed to be looking.


  1. Oh dear – councillors will never pay attention to a one-off protest, especially one so smug as filling a bus with mannequins. Have you tried talking to members of the council?

    When they find out it costs £8 a journey (good killer stat!) then they’ll pay attention, particularly the opposition members who’ll play merry hell again and again in all the right corridors til it gets changed.

    Depends if you want this thing changed, or just want to be the Folk Song Army (google it).

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