Unnecessary parental interference?

This tidbit from Annie Hovey, regional officer for the National Association of Headteachers Wales must go down as quote of the week.

On the subject of 70 parents of children attending St Alban’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Tremorfa holding a meeting to discuss;

Why 3 teachers have been suspended with no reason given to them, nor any reasons being forthcoming;
Why the school that their children attend has a high teacher turnover rate and;
Pupils as old as 9 not having basic literacy.

“This is parents getting involved in an area they should not be involved in.”

This clearly demonstrates the view that I have always perceived teachers, and headteachers in particular, to have; that they believe parents to be a pain in the neck that are solely there to prevent them from doing what they know to be best for their children – that they must be in the right because it is their profession and that the parents know nothing.

Parents in revolt against city primary


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