Review: The Rocking Chair Cafe, Bristol

I work in Bristol, I have written about this before – the culinary choices are actually pretty damn good, see my previous post “Bristol for beginners

Lunch is a contentious issue – between my mind and my stomach, I often have to eat at my desk because I don’t have the time to sit out and take a full hour for lunch, so food to take away is essential, but of course I don’t want to compromise on quality simply because I want to eat it at my leisure in front of my monitor.

The Rocking Chair cafe opened mid-last year, around the time I was discovering Bristol properly – taking walks when I could out of the Old City, up the hill to Broadmead and around the castle park to see what I could find. I saw the building being fitted-out and with a sign saying that they would be open soon and that they would be serving hot dogs – something that, other than when you find the rare burger van, is not usually on the menu – but if done properly (e.g. using real sausage and not cheap, processed canned dogs) hot dogs can be very good.

So, they opened and I went – but alas! They did not sell hot dogs. I was disappointed, but I was impressed by what they did have – two hocks of freshly roasted meat – one beef and one pork. With an array of different garnishes I went for it – and I was mighty happy that I did.
They aren’t  miserly with the meat – and it’s moist too, which is a pleasant surprise – often when you get roast meat from vendors it has dried out, from being cooked 6 hours ago and then kept under a heat lamp.
The salad is fresh and crunchy, another point gained there, and the bread is thick sliced, soft and tasty, I usually go with the granary but they do also have white on offer.

The real decider is the price; I had a showed a friend the picture above and the first question they asked was “How much was it?”, because it looks like an expensive sandwich. It’s deeply filled, has a lot of cheese and meat – all items which usually add quite a lot to the price tag; the Rocking Chair Café seem to understand that this is a big decider for a lot of people too, hell, I don’t go to Subway because I think that their prices are outrageous – I peeked into a branch a few weeks ago and notice that their “premium” subs have now gone up to £3.85 for a 6″ sub, a whopping £5.85 for a footlong – near enough £6 for a sandwich, ouch! Anyway, all of the sandwiches here are a very reasonable £3.10 each – a veritable bargain.

I like the Rocking Chair, I have been back many times since and have tried almost all of their sandwiches – their claim to have “the best sandwich in Bristol” is probably not far from the truth – it’s certainly the best I’ve had in the 7 months I have been working there, and I would recommend you try it.

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