TGI Friday’s 25th Birthday

TGI Friday’s are celebrating their 25th birthday this year, and Dan from Clic and me were invited down to help them to celebrate in style.

Our top tip from the night is to seek out a bartender called “Dan” (pictured above with oranges in his hands) and get him to make you an Old Fashioned. Made of dissolved sugar with bitters then adding whiskey and a twist of citrus rind,  I have sunk many of these whiskey cocktails while on my travels, but it’s bloody typical that the best should be so close to home. Between Dan & I we attempted to try every whiskey cocktail on the menu, which did – except for one, but none could beat the Old Fashioned.

We also got to sample the new double glazed Jack Daniel’s ribs, and I would definitely say that one of my favourite dishes here has gotten better. Jack Daniel’s sauce is divine anyway, but coupled with meat that falls from the bone – it’s a definite winning match.

Fire alarms, dozens of cocktails, a chance to go behind the bar and make our own cocktails, party poppers on the hour – every hour, champagne at midnight – we were shown a good time and we soaked it up.

TGI Friday’s is at St David’s shopping centre & Newport Road in Cardiff.

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