To be born Welsh
Is to be born privileged
Not with a silver spoon in your mouth
But with Music in your heart
And passion in your soul

I’m Nathan Collins, or Nate for short, I’m 29 and I live in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, in the United Kingdom. In this blog you will most likely read about many different things, not least technology, entertainment & personal musings.

Like pretty much everybody else in the world, I like food – but I also like to write about the food I have eaten and the places that I have been. I have written about some of Cardiff’s many restaurants and cafés.

In October 2010 I became a first time dad; the realities, worries and euphoria that comes with this are also topics for posts.

By day I work as Lead Programmer for a software company – a long way from my humble beginnings as a support technician for what was then NTL. I  primarily work with Microsoft .NET technologies, creating applications for businesses.

I have been writing online since 1997, though this blog was created in February 2002. The incarnation you are seeing now is very different from how it originally started out, when it was primarily record of significant life-events. Now I like to think of hintofsarcasm as my outlet for social commentary, somewhere that I can pen my theories and thoughts on the state of our planet. I am infatuated with The Smiths & Morrissey.

A prolific tweeter, you can find me as @hintofsarcasm on Twitter. There is also a post over at The Guardian that I wrote last year, in the run up to the Wales Blog Awards.