That’s right. I’m actually on an island called PHUKET

I found a few Nazi shops around here (that’s right, shops where you can buy Nazis) – I’m sloooooowly uploading photos on this “Hi Speed 3gbs internet” which is actually about 256mbs. Phuket was one of the islands heavily hit by the tsunami, although to look around now you’d never think it. It’s also one of the richest parts of Thailand; with some restaurants charging almost as much as you’d pay for a meal in ‘The Real World’.
Yesterday we went on a cruise to where they filmed ‘The Beach’ and went swimming in amongst *loads* of fish — who BIT me! This really discouraged me from holding any vegetarian tendencies toward them, and I made sure to order a really big fish at the market on my arrival back. I’m evil; but phuket.

in a seaside town…

14 hours of travel and a chicken pecking at my feet since my last blog entry, I arrived in Ko Phag-nan: famous for The Full Moon party – basically a giant rave on a beach where everyone paints themselves strange colours and wakes up in the sea with no shorts or a passport. The ferry ride was pretty much a prologue to the once serene and beautiful place: there was 1 Asian on it. I spent most of the journey cautiously watching melodrama unfolding over a seat… a Frenchy/Romanian guy had put his feet up to help him sleep and this group of Irish people decided one of their mates *had* to sit in the seat occupied by his feet otherwise the world as they knew it would implode. The chap politely explained he was very tired and there were plenty of other seats they could sit in, but they obviously mis-heard him as saying “this is war”. Some Scots sitting at the back of the ferry were so offended that this man had feet they marched to the front of the boat and exclaimed

“Oi, moi Oirish Chief. Way’re a coople of CELTS (aren’t they extinct? and Welsh?) and way woont starnd fer dis insult. Ef a foight staarts, we’re roight behin’ you!”

6 thugs against 1 sleeping man with feet. I love fair fights.
The poor man took the hint and moved to the back of the boat to have an uncomfortable, neck-cramping sleep and leaving the Irish to sit in the seat. Which they didn’t.

Once the journey was over I immediately ran into Austin the Canadian from Canada. I later discovered all the tourists were British and all the travellers are Canadian. I also discovered there are loads of dalmations on this island, which I found odd.

Ko Pha-Ngan only has electricity in the evenings in a lot of places. and their toilets don’t have flushes. Hmm
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Yeah, I nearly forgot – I got some photos online! (I love Thai Kodak girls!)

Currently I only have my first memory stick on CD and this alleged 1mb Broadband is taking ages, so I’ve uploaded a bunch of them and will try and add more later on from my other sticks. The Thai boxing photos are quite insane!

In other news, Thai kick-boxing kicks ass – literally. Last night we watched two 12-yr-olds almost KO eachother…it was insanity. The most interesting thing about the boxers was the match between two 18-yr-olds – as one of them had a swastika tattooed on his chest! (next a Christian cross, of all things) However I imagine he didn’t actually know what it meant or stood for, and just thought it looked cool. Then he got knocked out and it was quite funny. >=)

Peace Out.

Dan is Daniel Grosvenor, a good friend of mine who is guestblogging here at hintofsarcasm during his trip to Thailand. Dan will have his own site setup when he gets back, we’ll be sure to let you know the address.