Why I think “Viva Hate” is the best debut album ever…

It’s because I can imagine buying the album – fresh, crisp and new – unheard – putting it on for the first time and the music starting, “Alsatian Cousin”; a new beginning, a phenomenally strong track which was Morrissey truly announcing “WORLD, I AM STILL HERE”. This launches, without a pause, into “Little Man, What Now?”, the story of a child star become irrelevant and insignificant, confined to re-living his glory days through daytime chat shows, a true marvel of songwriting finesse.

This has to be one of the best lines from any song, ever, and because it’s said with such gusto and knowing charm;

A note upon his desk:

“P.S. Bring Me Home And Have Me!”

Leather elbows on a tweed coat

- Oh! Is THAT the best you can do?

So came his reply:

“But on the desk is where I want you!”

To celebrate Record Store Day (today, April 23rd), EMI have re-released the “Suedhead” single (the Mael Mix). This follows hot on the heels of the re-release of Viva Hate on March 26th.

An open letter to Morrissey

Dear Morrissey,

Thank you for all the joy that you have brought to me and countless others over the past 26 years. Can you believe it has been so long? I can’t.
I’m very worried about you at the moment, Steven. You seem to be pushing yourself to do things that you do not want to do, primarily performing on a stage.
Correct me if I am mistaken, but you are clearly not enjoying it right now. You need to take a break.
If you were to retire we would not blame you, we have so many fond memories to look back on, you can only damage your reputation from here on. Please don’t push yourself so far that you become branded a hack, only continuing for the sake of the record companies wishes.

Remember Wolverhampton ’88? The fans queued for days and you let them in for free, as long as they wore one of your t shirts. You enjoyed that gig.
Remember Finsbury Park ’92? Yes, it was controversial but you fought them off and won. You enjoyed that gig too.

Can you remember the last gig that YOU enjoyed? Of course, we enjoy every single one, but I’m asking you the question. When did you last turn up to a venue and really relish the fact that you were going on stage? Albert Hall ’03 possibly, during your hiatus?

I say this in kindness and sadness, you need to take some time off. Kick back, relax, perhaps even go back to your old haunts in L.A? Hang out with Nancy [Sinatra]. Do whatever you have to do to enjoy it again, because if you don’t it will consume you and it will all be over.

Best Wishes,

Nathan L Collins.

Morrissey at Wembley Arena – Pictures

Morrissey - Wembley Arena Morrissey - Wembley Arena Morrissey - Wembley Arena Morrissey - Wembley Arena Morrissey - Wembley Arena Morrissey - Wembley Arena Morrissey - Wembley Arena
Morrissey - Wembley Arena

Set list

  • Panic
  • First Of The Gang To Die
  • The Youngest Was The Most Loved
  • You Have Killed Me
  • Disappointed
  • Ganglord
  • I’ll Never Be Anybody’s Hero Now
  • William, It Was Really Nothing
  • Irish Blood, English Heart
  • I Will See You In Far-off Places
  • Girlfriend In A Coma
  • Everyday Is Like Sunday
  • In The Future When All’s Well
  • I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty
  • Let Me Kiss You
  • The National Front Disco
  • Dear God, Please Help Me
  • How Soon Is Now?
  • I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
  • Life Is A Pigsty
  • Encore:

  • Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
  • Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice

All photos above were taken by me from the front row at Wembley Arena on 08/12/2006.
Dan and I queued from 2pm (doors opened at 6:30) to get our places on the barrier. Bearing the cold was most definitely worth it however.

Other highlights of the day; leaving my place in the queue to get some snacks from the local shop and walking past Gary Day (Bassist with Morrissey), but, not knowing what to say and me being me, I decided to just gawp, smile and walk past him. Definitely a big regret, but, I was on my own and he’s intimidatingly tall.

See Mozblog.com, my dedicated Morrissey blog, for more pictures and videos.

Life is not such a pigsty

Well, 15-05-06 is now in the past, but it certainly will not be forgotten.

Arrived at St Davids Hall in Cardiff at 2pm, I thought there would be a large crowd already, but, it was not to be. Only three people had gotten there before me.

Chris, Rachel and..her friend who I didn’t catch the name of.
Chris has been following the tour since Killarney in Ireland, April 13th. Very dedicated man.
Very nice people, great to chat to and pass the time with.

Decided to take the queue to the escalators at about 6:45.
Went up them..fourth person up.
Got to the doors of the auditorium..waited there for 10 minutes.

Got in..got my place at the barrier..stage centre. Could not have got a better position at all.
‘Twas very quiet, I was expecting it to fill up quickly. It didn’t.

After the support act, the crowd left the bar (which is outside the auditorium) and joined us.
The place was clearly a sell-out.
Very good crowd.

Had butterflys in my stomach before he came out.
“Hey hey, it’s Tiger Bay” was his opening comment..then went straight into First of the gang.
Very good to get the crowd going.

I held Morrissey’s hand. Twice. During Still Ill and The youngest was the most loved.
I held his hand twice.
He has very soft hands.

Here’s the setlist..

1. First of the gang to die
2. Still ill
3. The youngest was the most loved
4. In the future when all’s well
5. To me you are a work of art
6. Girlfriend in a coma
7. You have killed me
8. I will see you in far off places
9. At last I am born
10. The father who must be killed
11. Ganglords
12. Let me kiss you
13. Life is a pigsty
14. Trouble loves me
15. I just want to see the boy happy
16. How soon is now?


Irish blood, english heart

Best song hands down was Life is a pigsty.
Rain effects, Boz playing the water glasses..
During, I think it was Let me Kiss You is where he got rid of his blue shirt and threw it directly at me.
I grabbed it. Had it. But then a gang grabbed at it too from my hands..
I held on to the arm of it for dear life.
Morrissey’s personal security, the big scary guy, cut the arm off for me and I now have it.
Enshrined forever.
Whoever I showed it to after the gig asked if I was going to auction it on eBay.
No chance. It’s worth far more than money.
My plan is to frame it frame it, with my ticket stub.

I took my camera in with me.
Security didn’t say a thing. I had been talking to some of them beforehand, however, and they said they would look the other way as long as I didn’t take the piss.
I took a few photos. Not too many as to be inconsiderate, but just enough to give me fond memories of that night.
From the amazing vantage point I had, I managed to get some really, really good shots.
You can see just how close I was to him.

He looked me in the eye numerous times.
When he and the band came out to do the encore, they all linked arms and walked towards the crowd, into a bow, as he was bowing, his eyes caught mine, for more than a split second.
I was dazed.

Overall, amazing show. Not a bad thing to say at all.
Morrissey was very gratuitous with the crowd, gave quite a few hand touches during the show and seemed to enjoy salsa dancing in his cuban heels which, I must say, were very striking.


The rest of the photos are here.

A short video is here on Youtube.
I’ve had this camera for a year now, and I did not know how good the video function on it actually was. What a dumbass. Else I would have made more/longer videos.

See you all tomorrow

In the future when all’s well

Tomorrow is the day. THE day.
We’ve been waiting since January, at least, if not, for years, for him to come back to our fair city.

It seems like a decade since I was online at 8:30am frantically clicking at Ticketmaster to get the tickets.

Friday night’s setlist at Liverpool went as follows…

You Have Killed Me / How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / I Will See You In Far-off Places / On The Streets I Ran / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / The Father Who Must Be Killed / Let Me Kiss You / Life Is A Pigsty / At Last I Am Born / In The Future When All’s Well / Still Ill / Ganglord / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy // Irish Blood, English Heart

So, expect more of the same, apparently.

I’ve been ill all weekend, so a lot of the pent-up excitment has dissapeared with that, but, I have the whole day off work tomorrow to build it all back up. Wish me luck..