We all love a good human interest story

I was contacted a few days ago by somebody at the South Wale Echo who knew we had recently had a baby and was asked if we’d like to be in this weeks “People” pages, of course I accepted.

Misia & I both wrote a little bit each about how things have gone in the first 10 weeks and it was published today, the 16th of December, and here it is. (Click for higher resolution, so you can read the words).

We were both sat in a very awkward position on the sofa, making it hard to hold the baby and not fall off the sofa ourselves, and also Tristan wanted to look at us rather than the camera, but it didn’t turn out so bad.

Paternal instincts

When I first found out that Misia and I were going to have a baby I was apprehensive. In a 24-hour period I went through every single emotion there is.

First I was scared and after that I became slightly angry, some items may have been thrown around the living-room. Then I was doubtful, could I do a good job? Sleepiness came next and then finally I was excited, though the last one took about 72-hours to come about, if I’m totally honest.

We announced it this morning to the world after taking a few days to let family and close friends know. They have all been very supportive and have bestowed wisdom upon me that only family and people who are already parents can. It’s going to be a roller-coaster few months, and years, this is for sure, but I’m sure it will make me into a better, stronger and more mature person.

We only have 6 months left to plan because Misia is 3 months along already. Everything and everyone is healthy thus far and I’ll be posting scan pictures and the like in due course.

For everyone who has been around since I started blogging back in 2000, and I know there are a few of you, I thank you for being here, you really are seeing my life pan out in real-time, aren’t you? I first posted as a spotty 15-year old in high-school (these posts were lost in the great database crash of 2003, unfortunately), almost completely unaware of what he wanted to do and now we’re 10 years on…

I will do an anniversary post in June, 10 years to the month that I started blogging. Oh, and I promise to be here more, and this is one promise I will keep this time. I have to stop being a flake.